Mix Designs Available At Sierra Ready Mix

Concrete Mix Designs

At Sierra Ready Mix we strive to have all the information that our Customers may need available 24 hours a day. If additional information is needed we will respond to your request within 24 hours. The mix design and submittal process is unique in the Las Vegas Valley so we follow the guidelines listed below. Sierra Ready Mix offers concrete mix designs that are based on the following factors:

IQAC standards

IQAC stands for Inter Quality Assurance Committee. This committee was established by the local government agency's to assure concrete mix designs are pre approved for use in the Clark County area.

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Prescriptive mix designs

It is our goal to have mix designs based on job specifications available with all submittal information including back up data available within 24 hours from time requested.

Customer specific mix designs

Sierra Ready Mix can make customer or job specific mix designs. All mix designs are stamped with an engineer stamp when requested.