Having confidence that your concrete supplier provides accurate yields, delivers consistent slumps and has consistent set times are important items for a concrete contractor. At Sierra Ready Mix we go through great effort to ensure that our product is consistent regardless of the location of your pour. To do this we only use one source for each of our raw materials. 

At Sierra Ready Mix our Quality Control Department has a professional engineer that oversees the development and testing of our mixes. We have ACI certified technicians that work in our lab to ensure that every load goes out at the highest standard. Those that work in our quality control department receive continuous education to keep up with the ever changing ready mix industry. 

Sierra Ready Mix batch plants and mixer trucks are National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA) certified. Sierra Ready Mix batch plants are also certified by the Las Vegas Inter-Agency Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC)

To provide the best quality and service to our customers, we have two batch plants plus our quarry where we obtain our aggregates. Our main plant and administrative offices are located in North Las Vegas at 4150 Smiley Road. Our second batch plant is located in Sloan, NV. at 13890 S. Decatur Boulevard, and our quarry is located in Jean, NV. 

With batch plants located in both the North and South parts of town, and with consistent aggregates from our quarry at both plants, we are able to provide high quality Ready Mix Concrete Products on demand throughout the Las Vegas Valley.